Environmental Sustainability through Innovation

Thursday 23 SEPTEMBER
Evolution of Tech for Sustainability - how the creative industry has innovated


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09.15 - 09.25

Day’s Intro

Amy Hutchinson, CEO, BOSS

09.25 - 10.10

Panel session: Environmental Disclosure, what’s around the corner?

Chaired by Martin Eames, Chair BOSS Single use Plastics Forum
Russel Hodson, CSR Director, Complete
Romy Kenyon | 3M EMEA Sustainability Manager
Jo Pybus, Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager, Essity
Julie Hadley, CSR & Social Value Manager, Banner

10.25 - 11.05

Transitioning from a compliance approach to an impact orientation. How do businesses embed sustainability and innovation in all they do

Romy Kenyon | 3M EMEA Sustainability Manager

11.20 - 11.50

How to innovate in an ever changing world

Stefen Casey, Innovation Lead for Packaging, Nestlé

12.00 -12.30

BREAK OUTS: Option 1: Canon Live Technology Demonstration

Option 2: Lifting the Lid off LinkedIn! - Nigel Cliffe, Value Exchange

12.30 -13.00


13.00 -13.40

Telling your sustainability story. How to communicate sustainability performance to key stakeholders

Jo Pybus, Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager, Essity

13.55 -14.30

Standing for a new era of opportunity

Poppy London, Environmental Sustainability and Compliance Specialist, HP

14.45 -15.15

Ethical Sustainability – transforming a potential threat into serious profitability

Oliver Cock, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Communisis

15.25 - 15.55


Gareth Ward, Editor, Print Business
Jonathan Tame, Managing Director, Two Sides
Rachel Aldighieri, Managing Director, DMA

15.30 - 16.00

Include everyone but innovate… What does that even mean?

Guy Utley, Founder and Creative Director, TALL Agency
Andrew Larking, Head of Design, Vanquis Bank

16.50 - 17.20

Virtual Realities: Presence, Performance and Story Worlds

David Gochfeld, Creative Director, XR Stories

17.20 - 17.30

Close and Wrap Up

Robert McClements, President CDI, Curator VMC

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